Wieselburger focuses on timeless delights | Wieselburger Bier

Wieselburger focuses on timeless delights

Wieselburger proves again and again that innovation and tradition are not mutually exclusive; we have always adhered to tradition but without losing sight of new advances. Ever since 1770, Wieselburger has consistently succeeded in meeting the expectations of contemporary taste buds.

We place an important emphasis on sustainability and consistency, without racing to keep up with shifting trends. Our refreshing speciality beers enjoy a cult status, and are popular at all seasons of the year, and naturally – or chiefly – at Christmas, a time for celebrating tradition.

It’s not only the acknowledged beer experts who are satisfied by our original Wieselburger Stammbräu, one of our specialty beers, with its full-bodied, malty, spicy flavour.

The specialty beer par excellence, however, is Wieselburger Schwarzbier, its subtle notes of coffee and dark chocolate offering the ultimate in satisfaction for every admirer of good-tasting black beer.
Our swing-top bottles are a cult in themselves and have been enduringly popular since the 1980s; Wieselburger is the uncontested number one in this segment! The sound of a loud opening ‘plofff’ makes every beer drinker’s heart beat faster. We can also safely say that quality will never be out of fashion, and nor will the sustainable and efficient Wieselburger craft of brewing which follows a centuries’ long tradition.

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