It’s all about how! | Wieselburger Bier

It’s all about how!

In 2017 we launched a beautifully illustrated poster campaign in Austria. In a world full of stress and bother, where we are increasingly obliged to do as asked, rather than make our own decisions, in future, more than ever, we want to be a byword for true quality of life. And so our slogan – “It’s all about how” – is primarily a call to consider not WHAT we do, but HOW we live our lives. You can approach life in two ways, the most important thing, however, is to stay relaxed, self-reliant and authentic, and to do things your own way. And that’s the Wieselburger way.

HOW we do what we do is what really matters

For instance, if you’re sitting on your jacket under the trees in the park on a summer’s day, enjoying a refreshing beer and taking pleasure in the moment, rather than feeling you should be busy somewhere else, then you’re doing everything right. “How” we approach things at Wieselburger is the key, and that’s what our beer stands for: tradition, top quality, and the pleasure of taking time to drink a truly great beer.

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