A passion for brewing. Since 1770.

Wieselburger beer has a tradition going back centuries. Even in the early days, the value of investing a little extra time and care in brewing was understood.

Today the ingredients which make our regional speciality an exceptional experience are the historic knowledge and the passion with which Wieselburger brewmasters interpret the traditional recipes.

High quality raw materials are the starting point

We never compromise on our choice of ingredients: the basic constituents must be of the very best quality. That’s why we predominantly use raw materials sourced in Austria, some even from the local region.
Hops lend our beer its flavour and soul. Our brewmasters primarily use hops from Austria’s Mühlviertel region; it’s the Spalter Select variety of hop, in particular, which creates the typical aroma of Wieselburger beers.

Malt gives the beer its ‘body’ and shapes its full-bodied flavour. For our light malt we primarily use the two-row summer brew barley from Lower Austria and northern Burgenland.
Another important ingredient is the excellent water we use for brewing: we draw our water from the brewery’s own spring here in Wieselburg.

Our involvement supports the region

We have been based in the region for centuries, and take our responsibility to the people who live and work here very seriously. As an important regional employer, actively involved in the area and operating in a sustainable manner, we are an exemplary business in Lower Austria.

We practise sustainability and efficiency

Countless investments in process and building technology, as well as bottle filling, have helped make our brewery one of the most energy-efficient businesses in the sector: this achievement was recognised in 2015 when Wieselberger received the Energy Globe Award for Lower Austria in the category ‘Fire’.

Logical step: environmentally-friendly district heating

In 2014 Wieselburger cooperated with WIBEBA-Holz to take another important step on our successful path; the conversion to district heating allows approximately 50% of the brewery’s heating needs to be covered.
Günther Leichtfried, Mayor of Wieselburg, is also convinced that our brewery has contributed significantly to the region as a whole: “The Wieselburg Brewery has consistently helped to secure employment in the region, at the same time retaining Wieselburg’s identity. For Wieselburg without a brewery would be a town with no identity.”

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