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The Wieselburger cycle route

Enjoy the 17 km Wieselburger cycle route through beautiful Ötscherland. The cycle route is pleasantly varied, traversing a range of natural scenery. And with a Wieselburger beer for refreshment, of course!

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Already seen it? Wieselburger has a new poster campaign

In 2017 we launched a beautifully illustrated poster campaign in Austria. In a world full of stress and bother, where we are increasingly obliged to do as asked, rather than make our own decisions, in future, more than ever, we want to be a byword for true quality of life. And so our slogan – “It’s…

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Wieselburger focuses on timeless delights

It is a fact that today, more than ever, specialty beers are one of the most popular topics of conversation amongst beer connoisseurs.

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PLOFFF – the sound of great beer

Beer drinkers know and love this sound: the typical ‘plofff’ you hear when opening a swing-top bottle of Wieselburger.

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A passion for brewing. Since 1770.

Wieselburger beer has a tradition going back centuries. Even in the early days, the value of investing a little extra time and care in brewing was understood.

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Wieselburger Schwarzbier – pure passion in black

The elegant, svelte character and delicate hint of hops, paired with its rich deep colour make Wieselburger Schwarzbier a special experience for black beer connoisseurs.

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